I Finally Get It

I used to spend a lot of time wondering how some of my favorite mini artists could possibly look at a kit and come up with a great way to bash it, especially so it no longer really looked like the kit itself. All of my own ideas for alterations to a kit build came long after I received it, did a dry fit, and spent some time pondering what it would be.

Then it happened.

Hobby Builder’s Supply announced their 2015 Creatin’ Contest, and the kit’s potential smacked me in the face.


The front isn’t quite what gave me the inkling. I looked at it and really thought hard about another tiny house, much like the one I started for last year’s Undersized Urbanite contest (and am still working on…). But the dimensions are a little too big for a good tiny house – and a little too small for a “small home,” in my opinion. I’d have to come up with a lot of good ways to fill the empty space.

Then I saw the back of the build.


I don’t know what it is about the back here that really made it stand out to me, but it did. I had been browsing home plans recently in preparation for, of all things, a new house to build in Minecraft. I have a good deal of experience with both Minecraft and Sims architecture, so my requirements for house plans are pretty strict. Specifically for Minecraft, I need a small house but one with enough room for very thick walls, since that’s the nature of Minecraft blocks.

I finally found a house I really liked for Minecraft. It’s out of my usual comfort zone – I typically prefer more traditional style builds, and this one is very contemporary/modern.


The floor plan is going to need to change a bit; here you’re looking at it from the back. In the end, I’ll essentially have an open-front home with a really magnificent “back” of the house, haha. I’m still trying to decide if I will add a basement, and what I will do with that…but there’s some time to figure that out, still. In the meantime, I’m going to have a lot of fun actually walking through my 3-D version in Minecraft, and envisioning recreating it in miniature.

So, long story short, I’m throwing my hat into the ring for the Creatin’ Contest. Hopefully I won’t get bowled over here. I am planning to make this a public build, because I really enjoy sharing my ideas here, and because my photography skills need some practice. But I really can’t wait to see what happens when the kit arrives!



Aside from simply being incredibly excited to enter a miniatures contest, I have to fully admit to being entirely obsessed with the planning stage of things.

I’ve finished a floor plan in both Powerpoint and on graph paper, and now I have begun drawing all of the walls out full-size on graph paper to better visualize how exactly things will be cut, as well as provide for minimal waste.  The foam core and initial floor boards have been purchased.  I am ready to go!

Today I thought I would share some of my primary sources of inspiration for this build.  To begin, I am fascinated by the trailers built by Molecule Tiny Homes:

IMG_9265   IMG_9261   IMG_0087   

(All photos copyright Molecule Tiny Homes)

They have captured my interest in particular because a) they have included stairs in their tiny home builds, and b) they have full bathrooms, even if the tubs are incredibly small.  They also have video tours of some of their builds.

Another great inspiration for this build comes from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.

13_Fencl_Bookshelves_1024x1024 DSC2725_HDR_1024x1024 Kitchen_Sink_Shelving_1024x1024 MG_4197_1024x1024 MG_4364_1024x1024

(all photos copyright Tumbleweed Tiny House Company; from L-R: Fencl [1 & 2], Walden, Lusby [4 & 5])

Not only do they provide images of floor plans on their website, the photos above are of decorated homes giving a better idea of what it might be like to live in one.  I’ve drawn a little design inspiration from them, as well as appreciated some of their decor.  As I make further decisions throughout the build, it will definitely be fascinating to see how these images influence my choices.

Both of these sites have really pushed inspiration for my Undersized Urbanite build, and I am very excited to see how it turns out!