Older projects

I thought I’d take the time to showcase some of my previous made-from-scratch items, since I have not had anything new to post about this week.

1. The weathered coffee table


Made from scratch and scrap wood, and weathered with a watered-down mixture of blue, brown, and cream paints, I wanted this to look very rustic and homemade.  While all of the pieces were ultimately glued together, I did create a nailed-board look on the top of the table with jewelry pins.  To do this, I snipped them very short, made pilot holes with a thumbtack, and hammered the “nails” in.

Additionally, I wanted the appearance of drawers (an extraordinarily useful feature in coffee tables, in my humble opinion).  I checked out the jewelry section at JoAnn Fabrics to see if I could find anything good for knobs, and ended up coming across those findings.  They are brads with flower backs to them – several different flower types and brad lengths were included in the package.  The leftovers are very likely to make an appearance in my Undersized Urbanite build!

2. The sofa

IMAG0752I can’t even tell you how extraordinarily proud I am of this thing!  I searched for ages for a sofa that fit my vision for the Christmas House, but just couldn’t find anything that worked with both my desires and my budget.  After putting together a House of Miniatures Chippendale Wingback Chair, I felt I’d gained enough knowledge to tackle building a couch from scratch.

The primary structure is composed of a combination of foam core and stripwood, with a layer of thin foam providing a little softness in the arms and back.  I then carefully cut and covered the couch with a lovely faux suede fabric I found on clearance at JoAnn Fabrics.  The seat cushions are also made from thin craft foam, with a layer of felt on top for a bit more softness.  The cushion trim was perhaps the trickiest part, but I realized that the nature of the faux suede was such that I could actually use a tape runner from my scrapbooking stash, and simply use that to adequately “hem” the strips before gluing them to the pre-covered cushions.

I did find that for this project, superglue was probably my best friend because of the multiple textiles I used to create it.  The back cushions were sewn by hand, and filled with seed beads for a more realistic appearance of weight and impressions.  The feet were shaped wood disks from Michaels.

Along with my up and coming “useful tools” post, I also hope to get some great shots of the Christmas House in the near future; I plan to work on the lighting tomorrow 🙂