Recent purchase, finished product!

It was a really nice surprise to check my mail today to discover my recent purchase from LDelaney had arrived.  I was pretty surprised at how quickly it arrived after I received the notice that it had been shipped.


These books are simply precious.  I knew I needed The Grinch for the Christmas House when I first came across it, and I was entirely enchanted by the entire Chronicles of Narnia set as well – those will be held in waiting for the Undersized Urbanite contest.   And my goodness, check out the details!:

IMAG0727The “pages” are glued together, but it’s so nice to actually be able to see them – they look well-loved, which always makes for a good book!

All in all, I highly recommend LDelaney for miniature books, and she also has many other delights listed in her Etsy shop (linked above).

*  *  *  *  *

Finally, I’ve just finished my most recent punchneedle project, a large area rug for the Christmas house.  I’m very pleased with how it came out, but I definitely need more consistent practice with similar projects.

IMAG0730I’ve entirely forgotten to take the final measurements.  I placed it into the house with everything set up; I will try to get good photos of the complete picture on another day.