About Abbe

I remember always being enchanted by dollhouses.  One of my earliest best friends had one that lit up, and I was jealous.  When I was six or seven, I finally got my wish – my very own dollhouses, a Greenleaf Tennyson.  I remember being incredibly excited, as it was what I had been lusting after forever.  My father and I slowly worked on putting it together, but never got past the very basic structure.

A few years later, we had moved and my dollhouse was sitting in the “toy room” upstairs.  While grounded as a teen, I rediscovered it and began to put it back to good use – first for my Beanie Babies, and later as a home for my Breyer horse collection (well, their human riders anyway!).

Just a few short years later, we moved again – this time out of the state, and a moving company was hired to package up our stuff.  When we finally got to our new home and I unpacked my beloved dollhouse, I was devastated to find it horribly damaged; whoever had been put to the task of boxing it up had not taken much care with the job.  To make matters worse, I no longer had a good place to put the house while I worked on it, and so it sat in a small storage area for years.

Fast forward to now:  I am married to a wonderful man who supports my creative endeavors 🙂  I’ve been “back” in the mini business (so to speak) since March of 2010 when he purchased a Greenleaf Fairfield for me.  Since then, between starting my master’s degree in Child Development, as well as getting married, my time in miniland has been sporadic.  But, I persevere!  My creativity in hobbies channels into my academic work, something I hope will continue through the years.  I switch back and forth between working on minis and working on my master’s thesis, dreaming of one while working on the other.


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