Let’s start from the beginning

So I am apparently just very poor at this whole “keeping up with blogging” thing. I do try – I think about it often, I make a lot of plans – and then things fall through, or I get busy with something else, or my rampant perfectionism gets in the way and I convince myself I can’t do it the way I want, so why bother.


In this case it was mostly a combination of the latter two. Two VERY BIG THINGS got in the way, and my rampant perfectionism was interfering with both miniatures and one of the big things.

The excellent news is that one of those big things? Done and over. I FINALLY finished my master’s thesis, and I officially have an MA!

Then I graduated 🙂

It was a long time coming, and two years overdue, but I finally made it. And on the way TO graduation, my husband and I got to tell my family about the other VERY BIG THING:


I present to you the newest miniature we are expecting in our lives, Little Jedi. (Keep in mind she looked nothing like that at the time, this is a slightly more recent image.)

So not only is this a VERY BIG THING that has really interrupted my life for the absolute amazingly better, it’s made mini-ing a bit difficult! First morning sickness, then exhaustion, and now a growing bump that makes it difficult to bend over and get close to things.

So with all this, I’m a bit behind on my Creatin’ Contest build. As in, I kind of just started it. And if I manage to finish it in time, it’s also extremely unlikely I’ll be able to get my photos in due to the fact that the Little Jedi up there? She’s due to come out around December 24, only 8 days after the contest closes. Ha!

But you had better believe I’m going to be busting my butt to get there 😀

So now with that crazy explanation over with, let me at least show you what I’ve been up to.

On Tuesday, which I have now declared to be #powertooltuesday (pretty sweet, huh?) I hauled out my scroll saw to the deck.


The deck railing is a pretty awesome place to clamp it to while I worked. The only limitation was that I was trying to do some straight cuts on some long boards to make some walls for the basement (we do have a circular saw, but remember the whole “Jedi isn’t a fan of loud noises”? Yeah) and the finials on the corners kept getting in the way. I made do.

My lovely husband finally cut a nice board for me to mount the dollhouse to, for which I am grateful, particularly as the basement needs to be mounted first, of course!

After cutting the walls, I took some scrap wood and also cut some supports. And that was the end of scroll saw for the day.

Here’s an idea of what I’d gathered at that point:


On top you see the 3 supports ready to hold the wall they’re lying on in place. Underneath that wall is the floor from the City Cottage, which I used to position the walls in order to place the supports and ensure it was all going to work! I traced around the bottom of each support, and numbered them since it was scrap wood and they were all sized slightly differently.

The numbering is especially important because of the next step: I grabbed some paint and put a small little dot of it right in the center (or close to) of the rectangle I’d traced around the support end. Then I took the support in question, and carefully placed it back into the traced square, so it absorbed the dot of paint. Why was this necessary? Because I planned to both glue and screw all of them in place for an extra-secure hold, and since I was dealing with scrap plywood, it was imperative that I drill some pilot holes. I clamped the supports to the deck wall, and drilled a pilot hole in each one, straight through the dot.

IMG_20150901_183416225 IMG_20150901_183021338 IMG_20150901_184204422_HDR

Next, I used the same paint points to drill holes in the base board – less important for splitting, but utterly crucial to knowing where on earth I needed to place the screws! 😉 Then I did a trick I figured out for myself back when I made the American Girl doll bunk beds – I took the largest drill bit I have, and made a very shallow hole over each of the pilot holes I’d drilled. This is a brilliant technique that mimics what I’d have done with a sinkhole drill bit, something I don’t have – I can sink the screws well into the project, and not worry about them scratching any surfaces.

IMG_20150901_184527101 IMG_20150901_184601216 IMG_20150901_185444650

I completed that with all 5 supports, then glued & screwed each one into place. I ended by gluing the walls to the supports and clamping in place until they were dry (okay…mostly dry, I’m impatient and it had to come back inside overnight).

I’ll be back with more about all of this next week!


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