Happy Thanksgiving!


I’m with my family celebrating Thanksgiving today (and writing this post in advance – don’t worry, I really am spending time with them!) and wanted to recount some of the things I’m thankful for right now that are specifically miniatures-related.

  • My husband, who recognizes my need for creativity as a release from my life stresses, and supports me in my crazy tiny hobby emotionally and financially
  • The incredible miniaturists, both professional and amateur, who are so kind as to share their projects, tips, and tricks online to help all of us reach that teeny little peak of realism
  • Pinterest, for serving as a wonderful medium for sharing all of our mini finds
  • All of the kind independent sellers out there, on Etsy and eBay and their own websites, who are not only sweet enough to share their projects with the world but who are also very nice to work with (and who take the time to write out personal thank-you cards to their customers – holy cow, what dedication!)
  • Finally, my friends and family who are nice enough to listen to my excitement over my teeny tiny furniture and accessories without rolling their eyes or making fun of me

I hope you have a wonderful holiday – and if you are not a celebrant of the US Thanksgiving weekend, I do so hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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