I spent a good chunk of yesterday cleaning up my craft space in preparation for my Undersized Urbanite build.  I don’t have much space in our home to do this, and as it was my minis had spread, turning an entire chair and our ottoman into general dumping grounds for items.

There are no photos of this because…well, I really didn’t want any evidence to exist 😀

Here’s what it looks like now…


A few days ago I carefully packed up the Fairfield in preparation for a new build, because I figured two active builds at a time is plenty to keep me busy.  I haven’t been working on the Fairfield much lately anyway, just bits and pieces here and there when I feel motivated to do *something* but uninspired or out of time to do something for the Christmas House.

Perhaps the most striking thing about my Undersized Urbanite build and the Christmas House is that the UU build has a smaller footprint than the house, but will ultimately be a full living space on the same scale as what is essentially half of a living room.  Ha!

The biggest thing I did, however, was finally pull out my old college storage unit from the bathroom.  Originally it served as my “everything but the kitchen sink” area – it always sat near my front door with all my toiletries, phone, and a hook for my keys.  Now the drawers are being put to a much better purpose holding minis supplies in a far more organized manner than when they were scattered across the living room…

Nothing else exciting to share today, and I likely won’t have time for updates for a little while – I really need to put a lot more energy into my thesis than I have been, and my first big grading load starts Tuesday.  Oops.  🙂



3 thoughts on ““Clean”

  1. cider12 says:

    I hear you with the grading….large pile accumulated this week…sigh. Good luck there and hope you can get back to the miniatures soon.

    • Abbe PB says:

      At least it will be a reprieve from the frequent meetings with anxious students! I’m just glad that I’m “only” a teaching assistant and not actually instructing the courses (though if I were, I would be lucky enough to have already completed my thesis, ha!).

      • cider12 says:

        Eh, the thesis is just a hoop you have to jump through. Remember, a good thesis is a done thesis. Do it and move on….life gets better on the other side, I promise. 🙂

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