Undersized Urbanite plans!

I was so – SO SO SO – excited to get the Undersized Urbanite announcement from The Little Victorian today.  I immediately subscribed to all UU updates, and I can pretty much guarantee that I will keep checking the website daily regardless of how often I actually receive updates…I tend to be obsessive about things I like.

So, what am I planning?  Well, I have never entered a dollhouse contest like this.  Most contests revolve around a specific kit, where entrants must purchase it and all build the same thing, putting their own spin on it.  I am always entirely blown away by the pictures posted at the end of the contest; there are always some truly incredible things done, with some of the most amazing and realistic details I’ve ever seen.

But in order to build and decorate a dollhouse, I really need it to “speak” to me – by which I mean I need to be immediately struck with inspiration when I see it.  If that doesn’t happen, I’m not going to build it – forcing creativity has never, ever worked for me, and even if I did end up with a decent finished product, I would never be satisfied with it.

The Undersized Urbanite is different, and I love that.  Entrants can take whatever doll’s house they want, or build their own, or make one from a cardboard box or (as suggested on the contest’s site) a crate from IKEA.  Recently I have been inspired by the idea of tiny living – not just miniatures, but human-sized tiny living 🙂  It’s a lifestyle I think I could really get into myself, and lately I’ve been dreaming of it as a nice retirement or at least a getaway later in life.

And so, I plan to enter!  I won’t share my final floor plans here, but I do plan to share much of the story of my build as I go through.  As part of that, I have also decided to share one of the first drafts of my floor plans with you, as well as my method:

Presentation2I’ve also removed labels, so currently it still really only makes sense to me 😀  (I’m possessive like that, sorry).  I am incredibly excited to get started, and in all honesty I’m going to be drawing out my wall templates today to prepare for cutting things out and fitting it all together!

I’ve promised my husband that this will be a thrifty build (…..relatively. I mean, who am I kidding here?).  I’m hoping to end up spending less than this would cost if it were actually a kit build.  As such, the walls are going to primarily be foam core, with a wooden floor.  I’ll be cutting everything myself, and as I have no power tool knowledge aside from how to use a hand-held drill, I’m really not looking to make this difficult.

Foam core will be easy, and my miniature building wood of choice is actually balsa – it’s classified as a hardwood, but it’s literally so soft I can dent it with a finger press.  It’s incredibly easy to cut with my craft knives.  However, in my work I’ve discovered that it’s also an incredibly thirsty wood – and it will happily soak up large amounts of wood glue, making it just as sturdy as most other woods, as well as easy to sand and paint.  Thus, it’s perfect for my skill level!

Now…off to my drawing board 🙂


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